Strattmont Group – Your Ideal Healthcare IT Consulting Partner!

Strattmont Group specializes in the complex world of healthcare IT solutions. Our team of expert consultants has a deep knowledge of healthcare information management and infrastructure, and we can provide you with expert guidance as you maintain, upgrade, or replace aging healthcare technology.

Our team of healthcare information technology specialists are well-versed in the intricacies of all major healthcare systems, and can provide you with the consulting, support, and expert advice that you need when working with mission-critical health IT systems.

We understand that a failing IT system is the last thing that you want on your mind, and that your primary focus is always on providing excellent patient care.

So trust our IT experts to provide expert consulting services, and help your hospital, clinic, or physician practice succeed!

Strattmont Group - Healthcare IT and HIPAA Compliance

We Offer Expert Consulting To All Healthcare Professionals

We specialize in a wide variety of consulting and administrative services – for all of your healthcare IT needs! Below are just a few of our specialties.

Administer And Manage IT Infrastructure – Our team of experts can manage your VOIP systems, servers, and workstations. We can also guide you in the selection and installation of new IT infrastructure, and ensure that all of your critical data is stored in compliance with HIPAA regulatory guidelines.

Manage End-User Systems – Our team of support specialists can handle the 24/7 management and support of end-user systems, including desktops, laptops, databases, and more.

Virus, Spam, Ransomware And Malware ProtectionStrattmont Group can help you stay protected from dangerous and costly malware, virus, and ransomware attacks. We can provide you with powerful anti-malware tools, and help outline best practices and processes to avoid contamination of mission-critical systems.

Provide HIPAA-Compliant Security Solutions – We understand the need for HIPAA compliance in the world of healthcare IT. If you don’t comply with HIPAA regulations about PII and other patient data, you could be hit with a hefty fine.

So let our HIPAA specialists analyze your current IT security! If we find any aspects of your data security that are not HIPAA compliant, we’ll work with your team to meet all required guidelines, and ensure that you’re safe from HIPAA fines.

Secure Backups & Disaster Recovery – Losing healthcare records to a data breach or a catastrophic system failure can be an absolute disaster. So to help your practice avoid costly data loss, Strattmont Group specializes in secure backups and disaster recovery.

Our consultants can help you set up a comprehensive backup system and a clear disaster recovery plan. This minimizes your risk of data loss, and ensuring that you’re protected – even in the event of catastrophic system failure.

Datacenter Management – Whether you have on-premises, cloud-based, or hybrid datacenters, our team of expert database administrators can help secure, manage, and maintain your valuable data, ensuring peak performance and accessibility.

24/7 Helpdesk Services – If desired, our managed IT services team can provide your hospital with comprehensive, 24/7 helpdesk services. Our tech support specialists will help your staff get the help they need, and allow them to do their jobs more effectively!

Take Control Of Your Healthcare IT Infrastructure – Contact Strattmont Group Now!

The world of healthcare IT can be frustrating, confusing, and difficult – but it doesn’t have to be! With professional consulting from Strattmont Group, it’s easier than ever before to take control of your healthcare IT systems, and give your physicians, nurses, IT staff, and administrators the tools they need to provide excellent patient care!

Strattmont Group - Healthcare IT and HIPAA Compliance