Network Security and Risk Mitigation

SMG Experts Can Help With Your Network Security!

In today’s digitally-connected world, network security is more important than ever before. If your business doesn’t have a powerful internet security plan in place, you could be vulnerable to a costly attack.

It’s been estimated by IBM that the average data breach costs nearly $4 million – and that can be enough to completely bankrupt a small business.

So take steps to secure your IT5 security today! Strattmont Group can provide your company with a team of experienced IT consultants who specialize in web security, information security, IT security, and much more!

With our comprehensive, in-depth security analysis, you’ll be able to spot potentially vulnerable areas of your business – before a costly data breach occurs. Learn more about network security services from Strattmont Group below!

Vulnerability Assessments

Often, you won’t know that your IT systems are vulnerable to hacking until they’ve already been breached – but by then, it may be too late. Even if you think your systems are secure, you may be at risk.

That’s why the specialized security consultants at Strattmont Group focus on finding security vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure. We’ll take a deep look at your network security, and check for weak points in all of your major systems – databases, customer-facing websites, intranets, and more.

Our powerful security assessment software can check every aspect of your network security – from databases and software suites to networked devices including routers, firewalls, servers, desktops, and more. After we run our analysis, we will provide you with a comprehensive document outlining current threats – and our recommended next steps.

By contracting with Strattmont Group for a vulnerability assessment, you can get a better idea of your overall level of information security, and ensure that you’re protected against the most common hacks and intrusions.

Disaster Recovery Planning

Even the most hardened, secure network can be breached. Hackers are often a step ahead of security professionals – so you must have a comprehensive disaster recovery strategy in place.

We can provide you with comprehensive disaster recovery planning and analysis. Our team of experts will locate vulnerable systems, and help you create a disaster recovery plan that will speed the recovery of your systems if a breach should occur, and minimize damage to mission-critical systems.

Data breaches are never 100% preventable – but with disaster recovery planning services from Strattmont Group, your company can be sure that they’ll be able to respond quickly, even if a data breach does occur. This minimizes your risk and liability, and increases your overall level of IT security.

Protect Your Data, Protect Your Company – Hire Network Security Experts From Strattmont Group Today!

It’s impossible to protect yourself from every threat – but with Strattmont Group’s expert IT security consultants, you can minimize your risk and ensure that you have a plan in place to combat a data breach.

So don’t risk your company’s critical data. Protect your data, your business, and your IT team with expert security services from Strattmont Group!

Risk Acceptance

Risk acceptance does not reduce any effects however it is still considered a strategy. This strategy is a common option when the cost of other risk management options such as avoidance or limitation may outweigh the cost of the risk itself. A company that doesn’t want to spend a lot of money on avoiding risks that do not have a high possibility of occurring will use the risk acceptance strategy.

Risk Avoidance

Risk avoidance is the opposite of risk acceptance. It is the action that avoids any exposure to the risk whatsoever. Risk avoidance is usually the most expensive of all risk mitigation options. Strattmont group has a team of highly trained risk assessment specialists can help by developing and implementing a strategy to alleviate your concerns.

Risk Limitation

Risk limitation is the most common risk management strategy used by businesses. This strategy limits a company’s exposure by taking some action. It is a strategy employing a bit of risk acceptance along with a bit of risk avoidance or an average of both. An example of risk limitation would be a company accepting that a disk drive may fail and avoiding a long period of failure by having backups.

Risk Transference

Risk transference is the involvement of handing risk off to a willing third party. For example, numerous companies outsource certain operations such as customer service, payroll services, etc. This can be beneficial for a company if a transferred risk is not a core competency of that company. It can also be used so a company can focus more on their core competencies.

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