Enhance Business Agility With Virtual CIO (vCIO) Consulting From!

If your organization lacks a clear IT structure, you may be able to realize significant benefits from Virtual CIO (vCIO) consulting from Strattmont Group.

vCIO services are the perfect choice to augment our Managed IT Services. Our vCIO can help your management team create a focused, agile, and scalable IT strategy, saving you time and money.

At Strattmont Group, we employ a number of experienced, seasoned vCIO consultants who have an incredible depth-of-knowledge when it comes to every aspect of IT. When you consult with us, you’ll get a reliable consultant who can help you plan, execute, and manage important IT tasks and initiatives.

Strattmont Group – Providing Experienced Consultants With Strong Business Experience

Our vCIO consultants are experienced at managing all aspects of IT services, and communicating between departments. Our vCIO team can guide you through the following:

Strategic Planning Does your organization lack a strategic focus in IT? Our expert vCIO consultants can help you plan a comprehensive IT strategy, and provide you with a clear path forward when analyzing your current IT infrastructure, and planning for the future.

IT Roadmapping – IT roadmapping is absolutely critical to minimizing investment in IT, while maximizing business performance. Our vCIO consultants can help you develop a comprehensive, 3-step IT roadmap that will help you align your short-term and long-term IT goals, providing you with a powerful resource to help guide your IT team.

Project Roadmapping – Need additional input and roadmapping for a complex IT project? vCIO consultants from Strattmont Group can help you develop a comprehensive project roadmap that ensures your project will be completed on time and on budget.

Budget Consulting – It can be difficult to understand which IT investments will provide your company with the best ROI. If you choose to partner with Strattmont Group, our vCIO consultants will take an in-depth look at your finances and current IT budget, and provide you with informed recommendations on how to use your budget effectively.

Migration Strategies – Whether you’re moving your on-premises data to the cloud, or simply moving a large database from one server to another, our vCIO consultants can help you develop a comprehensive migration strategy that ensures minimum downtime and maximum data availability.

Lifecycle Management – Our IT consultant team is familiar with all major SDLC management processes and protocols. We can help you outline a full-lifecycle technology management strategy that will help you maintain and manage older systems, and implement new IT systems.

And much more. No matter what your consulting needs may be, our vCIO consultants can provide you with expert guidance at a reasonable cost!

Choose Virtual CIO Consulting From Strattmont Group – Get A Clear Path Forward

If you need expert IT consulting advice, don’t just turn to any consultant. The vCIO IT Consultant team at Strattmont group has dozens of combined years in the IT industry and can provide your executives and IT team with powerful, informed advice and guidance.

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