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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is absolutely essential for all modern businesses. Gone are the days of browsing The Yellow Pages to find a business or a service – today, Google and other major search engines are the main methods by which customers can find your business.

SEO is simple. By using smart research, the proper keywords, and an informed content strategy, SEO can help your business boost its rankings in all major search!

When partnering with Strattmont Group for your SEO needs, we will work hard to optimize your website and get you maximum visibility – for minimum cost! Learn more about our SEO process and expertise below!

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We believe that SEO is only effective if it’s smart, targeted, and comprehensive. A scattered SEO strategy leads to poor results and a low ROI.

So don’t just choose any SEO company. At Strattmont Group, our thorough, step-by-step SEO process, can guarantee incredible results, and provide you with a perfectly SEO-optimized website!

Here’s how our process works.

1.Research Your Market – The first step to a great SEO strategy is to understand your competition. Who is ranking higher in search engines? Who are you competing with? What keywords are they focusing on? Can you outcompete them?

By performing comprehensive market research, the Strattmont Group team can ensure that we focus on the keywords that will provide the best results.

2.Optimize Your Site – While keywords are important to SEO, they’re far from the only factor. Pages that load faster, support AMP (Accelerated Mobile Processing), and have their content optimized correctly rank higher in search engines.

Our team of SEO professionals will take a deep dive into your website, and increase the speed, usability, and keyword optimization of your existing content, providing you with a higher search engine rank, and a better user experience.

3.Find The Right Keywords – Smart keyword research is critical for SEO success. At the Strattmont Group, our SEO specialists will perform in-depth keyword research, and identify the perfect SEO keywords for your company.

4.Create SEO-Optimized Content – Keywords and optimization are powerful SEO tools – but the most powerful tool of all is SEO-optimize content. Creating great content allows you to create more internally and externally-linking pages, places you higher in major search engine rankings, and aids you in bringing in new customers with helpful, custom-branded information.

Our team of content specialists can provide you with engaging, informative content that’s perfectly optimized for SEO – increasing your page rankings, and providing you with a powerful marketing tool.

5.Test And Refine Your SEO Strategy – After implementing your SEO strategy, our team will keep a close eye on the performance of your company, and take steps to analyze analytics data to make sure that you’re getting the results you deserve.

Choose SEO Services From The Strattmont Group – Watch Your Business Thrive!

If your website isn’t SEO optimized, you’re missing out on valuable business – it’s as simple as that. The #1 result on Google gets 33% of all traffic for that keyword, and 91% of Google users don’t look past the first page of results.

That’s the power of SEO. Whether you’re looking for local SEO services, or targeting larger competitors, boosting your rankings you will see results. So partner with Strattmont Group for our SEO services today!