Strattmont Group – Offering Powerful, Flexible Cloud Services

If your business isn’t taking advantage of the cloud, now is the time to start. Cloud computing can offer a huge variety of benefits for your company. The low cost, scalability, and flexibility of cloud computing makes it a perfect choice for small businesses who are looking to upgrade their IT infrastructure – without spending an arm and a leg.

And if you don’t know where to start when implementing a cloud solution, Strattmont Group is here to help. We’re experts in cloud IT infrastructure, and we can handle all of your cloud services needs. Need cloud storage? Need to share files online? Our business cloud services are a perfect choice.

Our Cloud Expertise, Your Company: Fantastic Results!

The expert IT staff at Strattmont Group have all of the expertise you need to make your cloud services implementation a success. We have experience with:

Microsoft Exchange – We can work with your team to set up cloud-based Microsoft Exchange accounts that integrate calendars, email, availability, and much more!

Hosted PBX – Our hosted PBX services can save you up to 50% on your enterprise phone bills – while providing you with advanced calling features, mobile support, and enterprise-grade reliability!

ShareSync – ShareSync file storage and backup solutions are a fantastic way to ensure that your staff can access their files anywhere and that your most valuable data is safe in case of a system failure.

Email Backup & Archiving – Our secure, cloud-hosted email backup & archiving service provides your business with an easily-accessible backup system that’s totally secure, and provides you with reliable, regular backups for your most valuable business emails.

Encrypted Email – Advanced email encryption from Strattmont Group can satisfy all security and reporting requirements from your business, and is compatible with Microsoft Exchange.

Cloud Servers – Our team specializes in implementing custom cloud servers. Whether you’re implementing a new SQL database, looking to run a new piece of enterprise-grade ERP software, or installing any other cloud application, our team can help you deploy a low-cost, powerful cloud server that’s perfect for your needs!

Microsoft SharePoint – Microsoft SharePoint is a powerful intranet software with advanced collaboration, documentation, and project management features. Our team can help you deploy a Microsoft Azure-based cloud SharePoint system that will help your company run more effectively, and enable enhanced collaboration.

Internet Faxing & Conference Calling – Our low-cost internet faxing and conference calling options can be set up alongside your cloud-hosted PBX server, providing you with powerful communication and collaboration tools.

Cloud-Based Outlook Backups & Archiving – Using Microsoft Exchange, Strattmont Group can provide your company with powerful Outlook remote backups, ensuring that your most valuable data is secure and easily accessible from any device.

Need a cloud computing service that’s not listed above? No problem! Get in touch with the Strattmont Group! Our team of experts has the knowledge required to manage all of your business cloud services needs – no matter how big, or how small.

Hosted Exchange

Cloud-based Microsoft Exchange business email accounts with assured availability, calendar, and more.

Hosted PBX

Enterprise-grade calling features, reliability, and enable mobile users—while cutting your phone bills by over 50%.


Cloud backup and file sharing that gives your staff mobility and simplicity, while offering your business controlled protection.

Email Archiving

Securely keep your email archived and easily accessible with a dependable service thats scalable and secure.

Encrypted Email

Our encrypted email service can satisfy security requirements for managing business emails and can work alone or with MS Exchange.

Cloud Server

Cloud applications infrastructure designed specifically for small businesses. Easily manage and access your cloud applications.


With hosted Microsoft™ SharePoint, you can build shared document repositories, corporate intranets and project web sites.

Conference Calling

Fast track decisions and avoid travel with simple, low-cost phone conferences. Perfect for team collaboration meetings.

Internet Faxing

Send and received faxes via your computer with the click of a mouse. Easily forward, print and archive your faxes with this easy tool set.

Outlook Backup

With options for one-click remote backups and automating, easily manage & restore your Outlook data easily.